Month: November 2017


Episode 145 – Your Women Will Melt in Front of Nino

This week 3 in the Box have you covered as we see the end of Dubnyk’s shutout streak and the return of Coyle.  We look into some questionably uneven officiating against the dirty Devils in our own house.  We also get to your Twitter questions and give our honest answers.  Dont forget to send your Twitter questions with #3ITB to hear them answered on the next episode of 3 in the Box.


Episode 144 – 3 Non Blondes

This week 3 in the Box get’s behind the Zucker Dubnyk train as the Wild ride their coattails to a couple of much needed victories to finish out the eastern road trip.  We discuss the week that was and the week coming as we break down the ups and downs and look to the future.  We also answer your Twitter questions that you submitted with #3ITB on Twitter.  Thanks for the great questions and keep them coming.  Be sure to subscribe to the 3 in the Box podcast on your favorite podcast app, or subscribe to our YouTube channel soMore


Episode 143 – Slyder Casket

Welcome to the one-hundred forty-third installment of 3 in the Box.  This week the boys from 3ITB chat your ear off about the Wild home stand and the east and the west.  Try to figure out the blame for the failing Wild squad this season with us.  Assess the mess as we look at how to right this ship.  Also, get geriatric with us as we look to old age and death.