Month: December 2014


Episode 055 – Real Rivalry Rednesday

The Wild had a really tough week, and we’ll try and talk you off the figurative ledge.  We discuss the ongoing goalie woes, blind ref duos, bad broadcasting boners and Jive’s desire for the return of FoxTrax.


Episode 054 – Patient Zero

The wild snag a win on the road but took heavy losses. The 3ITB crew discuss this and the plague that has now hit the most important person in hockey.


Episode 053 – Wild Fever, Catch It

The tryptophan has worn off and 3ITB is now back in session. In this hour plus of Wild talk, the gang talks about Vanek and his likeness to Heatley, the unending goalie dilemmas, Scandella’s phat extension and Wild Fever/Mumps.