Month: January 2018


Episode 151 – Two Johnson’s and a Kuba

Another year, another podcast, another overtime loss (or two), and another injury.  The Wild may have started their bye week, but 3 In The Box didn’t take tonight off.  We’ve got you covered on the happenings with the Minnesota Wild and for any of your tax concerns.  Whether it’s ice cream or hand egg, you might have to listen to it here.  We also answer your Twitter questions.  Do you have a Wild question?  Send your questions to #3ITB.


Episode 150 – Zachks Change

Welcome to our first episode of the new year.  Good things come in threes, just like this podcast.  This week we discuss 3 wins, 3 losses, and 3 goals.  With the new year it is only right that we mention resolutions for the Wild, our thoughts and your questions.  Keep your Twitter questions rolling in and listen in to hear your questions answered on the next episode of 3 In The Box.  Use #3ITB on Twitter to submit your question.  Hope that you all had a safe and happy new year and thanks for tuning in to 3 In TheMore