Month: March 2017


Episode 129 – Boo-ter

This week 3 in the Box try to break out of the slump as we gather momentum and excitement for the playoffs as the Wild have clinched.  Not completely on their own doing, but they made it.  Who are the best broadcasters?  Who is the greatest Ninja Turtle?  What are the best podcasts out there?  Tweet us on twitter with your favorites using #trypod.  These important questions and many others are all answered.


Episode 128 – Which Way Do We Flush

This week 3 in the Box welcomes friend of the show Chris Frost to spread a little cheer on the bleak outcome of the last couple of weeks in Wild hockey.  3 in the Box answering the hard questions.  Are the Wild flushing the season down the toilet?  Which way do you flush?


Episode 127 – Captain My Captain

This week we discuss the grind coming down the stretch to the playoffs.  The Wild recover from the mumps to triumph over the Sharks.  Super villains and strung out from the road.  Top 3 hair of the Wild?  Find out here.  3  2 in the Box (3 – 1 still covering Backstrom) has got you covered.