Episode 126 – I’m So Buca’d Up Right Now

Posted by Jive on February 28, 2017
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In this weeks episode we talk about a new found love for Sundays and decide what to do when you have a bye week.  There is also this trade deadline thing and supposedly there have been some movements.  The world has gone to hell in a Hanzal basket and we’ve got you covered.  Also, a big congratulations to Theresa the winner of the the 3ITB survey drawing.  Thanks for all of your responses!


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Episode 125 – Ice Cream with Grandpa

Posted by Jive on February 20, 2017
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Join 3 in the Box as we try to find something to complain about as the Wild continue there winning ways.  Guest @Timnado joins us for great discussion as we look forward to the playoffs.  Trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it would take a miracle in a different direction than we are used to for the Wild to fall from grace.

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Episode 124 – Jim Jones

Posted by Jive on February 13, 2017
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In the episode 3 in the Box welcomes David Berding, a freelance sports photographer in the Twin Cities.  Find out what takes to chase the perfect shot in the fast paced game of hockey.  Sticking it to them and sticks to the face.  We cover it all.  Are you drinkin’ the Kool Aid?

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Episode 123 – Dirty Birds

Posted by Jive on February 06, 2017
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Another installment of 3 in the Box.  This week we take a look toward Canada, hat tricks and former head coaches.  The Wild’s history making road point streak may have come to an end, but the show must go on and we’re here to bring it to you.

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Episode 122 – Everybody Loves Toes

Posted by Jive on January 30, 2017
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Welcome to the latest installment of 3 in the Box.  Follow the leader and Bieber fever.  The Wild are the best in the west as we take a look at the future after the All-Star break.  Tweeters tweeted and we’ve responded.  What kind of skills competition would be complete without a Buca challenge?

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Episode 121 – Breck Like Face

Posted by Jive on January 23, 2017
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Join the guys from 3 in the Box as we prepare for the All Star break and answer your questions from Twitter.  Be sure to send your tweets with #3ITB to get your questions answered.  Also a very special Happy Birthday to Mr. Felska from the Crease and Assist hockey blog.

Episode 120 – Speaking of Weiners

Posted by Jive on January 16, 2017
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All they do is win.  When can the roll that the Wild are on end?  Playoff odds and All-Stars.  It’s all hear in this weeks episode of 3 in the Box.  Be sure to keep the Twitter questions coming in to get your questions answered in the next episode.  Tweet @3inthebox with #3ITB.

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Episode 119 – Pierre’d Off

Posted by Jive on January 09, 2017
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The latest installment of 3 in the Box we discuss the end to the longest winning streak in Wild history and take a look at the Wild future through the eye’s of the World Juniors.  Hard to argue with the results for the Wild to this point in the season, but we might find something to argue about.  At least we always have Pierre.

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Episode 118 – AIDS of Candy

Posted by Jive on December 26, 2016
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Merry Christmas from 3 In The Box

Posted by Aaron on December 25, 2016
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We’ve got a couple days off from any hockey what-so-ever, so to prepare for the Wild game against the Trashville Perds, here’s our LaPanta and Greenlay drinking game!